White Wall 4, 56” h x 57” w

Jette Clover



June Featured Artist: 

Metropolis 2, 46” h x 48” w

Metropolis 5, 43” h x 43” w

Notation, 14” h x 12” w

For me, the creative process is  physical act. I have an idea what I want to say, but I am a hands-on person. I work spontaneously on the wall, moving materials around until my gut feeling says “that’s it.” The collage medium is the ideal way of working for me. I start every morning making

Snippet 16, 8” h x 8” w

a small paper collage. This daily routine helps me develop confidence in my intuition for composition. I am inspired by writing. Writing becomes a tool reflecting how language shapes our memories and identities. I am inspired by the emotional quality of handwritten letters and the 

crude expressions of graffiti, overlapping posters and advertisements in the streets. The step for me to use text and lettering in my artwork was natural because of my background as a journalist, living in different countries and speaking different languages in everyday life. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Material Evidence, Menier Gallery, London, UK


Traces, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK


A Voice in Stitches, High Five Art Gallery, Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands


Linguistic Marks, Timeless Textile Gallery, Newcastle, Australia


Photography by Pol Leemans

The text on my pieces is not necessarily meant to be contemplated for its meaning. It is there to be seen as the human need to communicate - whether it being in the form of writing a poem, scratching initials into a rock, spray painting a statement on an urban wall, or making a quilt.