This is EDGE’s first online exhibition. The members were invited to submit up to three works that were meaningful to their studio practice. 

Over the years, EDGE has grown from its mid-western roots to become an international group. 

In this exhibition, we have one Belgian, two Canadians, and  nine U.S. members participating. 

Their work and their mini-stories follow on the next six pages. You can move throughout the exhibition pages using the page numbers at the bottom.

12.1.2012 Haiku by Karen Anne Glick, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 11” x 11”

KAG: My paternal grandfather and grandmother emigrated to the United States from Norway in the 1880’s as young teenagers. As one who has moved a great number of times in my life, it is striking to me how different my moves were from theirs. Mine were just moves—temporary changes of scenery and culture. Theirs was an emigration—leaving all they had known and loved for the opportunity of discovering a new and different life. I am in awe of the courage that took and I think about it whenever I am fearful of trying something new.

Dreams of Streets Paved with Gold by

Karen Anne Glick. 12” x 12”

Those Pesky ‘Shrooms by Carla Fisher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

2.5” x 3” x 3”

Detail, Those Pesky ‘Shrooms by Carla Fisher. Each ‘shroom is about 2.5” x 3” x 3”

CF: Some say this work is too representational, but it will always be a personal favorite. ‘Shrooms was inspired by a photograph sent to me long before I began to study art, and was the first thread sculpture I created. It taught and blessed me in many ways.