My Town by Karen Goetzinger, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 24” x 18”

Green Leaf Tea by Eileen Doughty, Vienna, Virginia, 6” x 8.5”

KG: I love my city with all its quirks and problems. This piece speaks to appreciating your own town by unearthing beauty in the imperfect. Less ranting, more appreciating. 

ED: I put my heart and everything I knew at the time about landscape art quilts into Root Domain. It has been exhibited widely, published in books and magazines, and even chosen by an art director to be on the set of a Hollywood movie. 

Making my art quilts, I realized I loved thread so much that I dropped out the fabric. Green Leaf Tea was my first fiber sculpture teapot, where I succeeded in making a spherical form out of cotton threads,

Root Domain, by Eileen Doughty, 

67” x 37”